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Time & Attendance Should be Simple and Affordable

Are you paying too much for labor? Staying competitive today require companies to find new ways to drive revenues and profitability. One of your most significant expenses is your labor cost; however, it is also one that is most easily controlled. Are you tracking your dollars and labor minutes? If not you are likely over paying wages.

Timekeeping really should be simple and affordable. Our timekeeping solution was designed with “everyday people” in mind, which means that we offer timekeeping solutions that are simple to set up, and that makes it simple for employers to manage employee time cards on a daily basis. 

Though the system also offers a variety of advanced timekeeping features, we can conveniently set up most of the “bells and whistles” behind the scenes so you can focus on simply collecting time, editing cards, and running reports.


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Save time and money on time and labor management

Save Time and Money

Our timekeeping solution saves time and money in managing employee time and optimize your HR efforts for better outcomes.

Less Risk, More Safety

Less Risk, More Safety

We take over the liability and burden of maintaining sensitive employee information, so you can enjoy improved confidentiality with fewer headaches.

Track Regulation Changes

Track Regulation Changes

People Lease handles the responsibility of keeping up with changing state and local benefits compliance regulations, ensuring you're always compliant.  

Web-based data entry

Real-Time Data

Web-based Data Entry empowers you with real-time data through a secure Web connection - No more paper forms and manual data entry.

Customized Reporting

Customized Reporting

Robust, customized reports including concise departmental job costing breakouts.

Enjoy the benefits of People Lease's Timekeeping Solution

Hands Free, More Control

Set your hands free from unyielding deadlines and the need for absolute accuracy. Sit back with complete control and enjoy benefit from our timekeeping solution.

People Lease + Swipeclock Single Sign-On Software

Time Tracking with One Click

Our Timekeeping solution streamlines time and labor management, boosting profitability and automating once-manual tasks. You can access our timekeeping software - Swipeclock with our single sign-on platform and add time tracking, scheduling, applicant tracking, and more functionalities to your HR team!
To learn more about our Timekeeping solution and find the best fit for your business, schedule a free consultation today and get things rolling! 


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