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Your overall job satisfaction is affected by many factors - salary, upward mobility, prestige and working environment are certainly key determinants; however, the importance of employee benefits should not be underestimated. With the sticker shock of today’s major medical policies and the uniform lack of confidence in the long-term solvency of Social Security, these benefits now play an even greater role in determining tenures and initial job acceptance.

A flexible, comprehensive employee benefits package directly affects your job satisfaction and work performance. A good plan can protect you and your family from economic hardship brought about by sickness, disability, death or unemployment, as well as providing a “nest egg” for your golden years.

While these premium employee benefits are not as obligatory as they once were, they remain affordable for even the smallest businesses thanks to companies like People Lease.

For over 30 years, People Lease has assisted businesses in offering employees highly customized benefits packages at affordable prices. If your employer claims to be unable to provide cost-effective benefits you need, it’s time to stop giving them the benefit of the doubt, and start insisting that they look into benefits plans we have to offer.

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Simple, customized & robust payroll system


Employee Benefits

Competitive, affordable & custom-tailored benefits package


Time & Attendance

Simple solution with “everyday people” in mind



Dedicated safety guard for your business


Human Resources

Comprehensive resources & support for all your HR needs

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Workers' Comp & Liability Insurances for the long-term business health...


Pay Cards

Collecting & spending pay hassle-free with enhanced safety


Background Checks

Affordable & efficient background screening safeguards recruitment

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