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For over 35 years, People Lease has helped free countless Mississippi business owners and managers from the never-ending back-office resources and compliance issues associated with employee administration. From payroll preparation, tax filing, and workers' comp, to employee benefits administration and business insurance... we are here to help!


People Lease - Payroll


Simple, customized & robust payroll system

People Lease - Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Competitive, affordable & custom-tailored benefits package

People Lease - Timekeeping

Time & Attendance

Simple solution with “everyday people” in mind

People Lease - Compliance


Dedicated safety guard for your business

People Lease - Human Resources

Human Resources

Comprehensive resources & support for all your HR needs

People Lease - Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Workers' Comp & Liability Insurances for the long-term business health...

People Lease - Pay Cards

Pay Cards

Collecting & spending pay hassle-free with enhanced safety

People Lease - Background Checks

Background Checks

Affordable & efficient background screening safeguards recruitment

Benefits of Outsourcing to a PEO

As Mississippi's leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO), People Lease has helped free countless business owners and managers from the never-ending back-office resources and compliance issues associated with payroll, HR, time and attendance, benefits administration, business insurance, compliance and much more.

Small and mid-size businesses may face many challenges when it comes to managing their workforce, from hiring and retaining top talent, to managing benefits and beyond. By bringing back-office services such as payroll preparation, tax filing, workers’ comp, health insurance and retirement plan administration to People Lease, businesses can begin reallocating valuable time and manpower, while more effectively managing cash flow and achieving higher business growth.

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People Lease - PRO Software

Take a Glance at Our Single Sign-On Platform

Our new HRO software from PRO Software offers the best-in-class, single sign-on solution. With fully integrated Payroll, HR, Time & Attendance, Employee Benefits, and Compliance, it's time to say goodbye to the hassle of managing back-office tasks and focus on the profitable aspects of your business. 


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Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money

People Lease helps you save time and money in managing employee benefits and optimizes your HR efforts for better outcomes.

Less Risk, More Safety

Less Risk, More Safety

We take over the liability and burden of maintaining sensitive employee information, so you can enjoy improved confidentiality with fewer headaches.

Track Regulation Changes

Track Regulation Changes

People Lease handles the responsibility of keeping up with changing state and local benefits compliance regulations, ensuring you're always compliant.  

Real-Time Data

Real-Time Data

Web-based data entry empowers you with real-time data through a secure web connection - no more paper forms and manual data entry.

Customized Reporting

Customized Reporting

Robust, customized reports including concise departmental job costing breakouts.

Hands Free, More Control

Hands Free, More Control

Set your hands free from unyielding deadlines and the need for absolute accuracy. Sit back with complete control and enjoy the benefits of our services.

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