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Whether or not you offer health insurance, most medical insurance doesn't cover critical dental procedures, which can have a significant impact on the health of your employees. For example, it's now well-established that there is a connection between gum disease and heart disease. Considering that, the question is this: How do you find quality group dental coverage in a world where benefits are shrinking and costs are rising? 

We work with Mississippi’s best dental insurance carriers to deliver personal service in dental care coverage - plus, we custom-design plans that directly address your individual needs. We offer practical dental care solutions for both groups and individuals and we specialize in service, selection, and value. 

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We work with Mississippi's foremost Group Dental Insurance Providers

Mississippi Group Dental Insurance Policies from Aflac

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The Value of Dental Insurance

Whether it's enabling your employees to take care of small dental concerns before they become bigger problems or making complex dental treatments more affordable, a dental insurance plan can help your employees achieve better overall health.

Diagnostic and Preventative Care with Mississippi Group Dental Insurance

Diagnostic & Preventive

Oral evaluations, routine cleanings, x-rays and fluoride treatments.

Basic Dental Services with Mississippi Group Dental Insurance

Basic Services

Fillings and simple tooth extractions.
Root canals.

Major Dental Services with Mississippi Group Dental Insurance

Major Services

Crowns, inlays, onlays & cast restorations, denture reline/rebase & repair. Oral Surgery.

Prosthodontics with with Mississippi Group Dental Insurance


Bridges and Dentures.

Orthodontics with with Mississippi Group Dental Insurance


Dependent children to age 19.

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