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“When it comes to undertaking professional advertising and marketing communications, I obviously recommend turning that task over to a full-service advertising agency like mine. Since 1983 Broderick Advertising has been crafting brand positioning and strategic communications for clients all across the country. They count on us because we’re the experts.

“Companies trying to handle all that on their own almost always end up wasting time, effort and precious advertising dollars. And no wonder. There’s a whole lot more to marketing communications than making funny ads. It absolutely pays to leave it to the pros.

“That same line of thinking is exactly why we have a long tradition of using People Lease to handle our many employee administration chores. They’re the professionals, they know the ins and outs, so we don’t have to. For almost 15 years we’ve counted on People Lease. They make outsourcing easy, and their 25-year heritage tells me they have the experience to get the job done.

“They’re so good at what they do, I’d be happy to write an ad for them…and I guess I just did.”

Broderick Advertising Inc.

Broderick Advertising Inc.

“If you’re looking for a better way to run your business, take note.”

“Reservoir Stationers has enjoyed steady growth over the years, and one of the secrets to our success is letting go of employee administration chores.

“I’m more efficient, it’s a much better use of my time if I’m out selling, calling on clients–in general, being able to run my business–instead of trying to figure out how many hours a given employee worked this week, or any of dozens and dozens of other employee details.

“I can’t imagine how any company–even one with just a few employees–can keep up with all the laws and changes and deductions, what taxes get paid when, what needs to be withheld at what level. . . I don’t see why any business owner or administrator would accept that responsibility when People Lease is here to do it for them.

“Because of People Lease, I’m quite confident that I’m way more productive, so that means my company is more productive. . . and that means more success.

“I’ve recommended People Lease in the past, and I continue to do so.”

Reservoir Stationers, Inc.

Resevoir Stationers Inc.

“Going with People Lease was an easy call.”

“Southern Wireless serves central Mississippi with a wide array of retail wireless communications products. It’s a fast-growing industry that changes incredibly rapidly.

“Back when we only had three or four employees, someone recommended People Lease to me, because I realized the only topic changing faster than the wireless industry is employee payroll rules and regulations. I gave them a try and everything’s worked out great ever since. One of the biggest advantages of using People Lease for me is their attention to detail, dealing with all the things I simply would not have time to handle.

“Service is a worn-out phrase, but never have I once asked for something that People Lease hasn’t delivered. I’d have to say the personal attention I’ve gotten from everyone there is exceptional.

“I’m so dependent upon People Lease as far as handling Payroll and everything attached to that, it’s just one headache I don’t have to worry about. What they have done for me has been priceless.”

Southern Wireless

Southern Wireless

“Choosing People Lease was one smooth move for our real estate company.”

“In Mississippi, The Bridges Company is a highly respected institution when it comes to real estate. But the thought of dealing with our company’s payroll is enough to send me to an institution."

“When our bookkeeper resigned, we were left in a pinch. The truth of the matter is, personnel matters such as payroll and taxes are a full-time job, and I knew I didn’t want that headache. With so many government regulations and requirements, it was real apparent to me that we simply had to have somebody who handles payroll for a living."

“So I decided to try People Lease. As soon as they started managing our payroll function, it was smooth sailing, and it’s been ever since. What impresses me about People Lease, whether you’re a company with a payroll of one employee or 500, they deliver the same high level of care and quality."

“I just can’t tell you how many times they’ve saved my bacon!”

The Bridges Company

The Bridges Company

“People Lease has been the framework for our family’s business successes.”

“I come from a family of entrepreneurs. First, my dad owned and operated his own company, and later my brother and I both have started our own separate businesses. I guess you could say being in business is in our blood."

“And part of that tradition has been relying on People Lease. We go back with them nearly as long as they’ve been around... at least 15 years or more. So as soon as I got my company started, I went straight to People Lease for employee administration help."

“They handle everything for me: payroll, taxes, employee benefits, whatever needs to be done. It boils down to, anything I ask for, they step up and deliver. They are simply great."

“The advantage is huge, it really gives me an edge... I don’t have to deal with paperwork, they take care of everything, so I can concentrate on growing my company. I’d say they’re my business solution."

“I would absolutely recommend People Lease to any business owner.”

Mike Shows Framing, Inc.

Mike Shows Framing Inc.

“Using People Lease accounts for a much wiser use of my valuable time.”

"As a successful metro Jackson CPA firm, we’re well versed in payroll issues, but outsourcing to People Lease is just way more efficient, less time-consuming for us. It’s well worth it to me."

"I write one check per pay period and it’s taken care of... I need to spend my time serving my clients, not dealing with these kinds of non-productive tasks."

"We’ve got time demands on us, I believe our highest and best use is doing what’s most productive, and in this case, letting People Lease do what we’d rather not do."

"There are several benefits of using People Lease. They’re highly proficient, they genuinely appreciate our business... if we have a question they’ll have the answer for me."

"We’ve been with People Lease about 14 years. I would gladly recommend them to any business, and have done so in the past."

Stockwell & Company CPA Firm

Stockwell & Company CPA Firm

“Here’s food for thought: I heartily recommend People Lease to any size business, large or small.”

"We’d been using one of the large national companies for employee administration and got tired of the impersonal treatment, so we turned to People Lease. We believe in keeping our business relationships right here at home."

"The main advantage of People Lease for us is the fact they’re local. If I need to speak to the head man I can actually pick up the phone and get him. If there’s a problem or an issue we need to solve, they’ve been more than willing to help work it out on any level, all the way up the chain. We just really appreciate that accessibility and willingness to solve problems."

"They offer a great workers’ comp program, which is of particular importance to me in our line of business. I really value the fact that People Lease is able to adjust their rates monthly. Our payroll is very fluid; we operate on hourly wages, not flat salaries. So this is another area where People Lease provides a big advantage."

Hal & Mal’s Restaurant & Brewery

Hal & Mal's Restaurant & Brewery

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