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Navigating the intricate labyrinth of payroll and tax laws can be overwhelming, and the posting deadlines won't wait for you to find your way. A single missed deadline can ignite employee frustration and attract the attention of government agencies at every level, subjecting you to their wrath. Keeping up with ever-evolving regulatory guidelines is a full-time job that only adds unnecessary aggravation to your plate. 

People Lease is here to save you from these complex responsibilities and added stress. Our unmatched record of delivering accurate and timely payments and handling all necessary paperwork on behalf of our extensive clientele sets us apart from the competition.

Interested in getting a compliance review and seeing how your business is doing? Get in touch with us and secure some time today.


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Mississippi Payroll & Tax Compliance

Timely & Accurate Payment and Filing

Precise and on-time remittance of tax payments and submission of returns and other compliance reports

Mississippi Payroll & Tax Compliance

Secure Compliance without the Hassle

Outsourcing the filing chores to us will help you ensure compliance with all government regulations on the federal, state, and local level without potential fines and penalties

Mississippi Payroll & Tax Compliance

Recognize Cost-Savings

We ensure your business steers clear of fines and penalties and help you minimize your SUTA tax rate to optimize cost-savings

Compliance Review

Looking to identify potential compliance risks within your business?

Book a compliance review with our team to pinpoint potential areas of risk where your business could potentially fall out of compliance. Take proactive steps to protect your business and experience unhindered growth without any worries.


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Get All The Compliance Services You Need

  • Collection and Remittance of Federal, State, and Local Payroll Tax Liabilities
  • Professional Preparation and Timely Filing of Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Withholding Returns
  • W-2 Preparation
  • Filing of Federal and State Unemployment Tax Returns
  • Payment of Federal and State Unemployment Tax Returns
  • I-9 Form Management
  • Employment Eligibility Verification

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