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Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll to People Lease

Payroll doesn’t pay the bills. However, it does consume substantial resources. Processing payroll correctly is critical to your business, but the time spent on it won't generate revenue. 

Outsourcing payroll can optimize your resources with enhanced efficiency. Our payroll software will streamline your payroll process and provide robust reporting and secure data storage. All there is left for you to do is to make one payment per pay period. You can sit back with ease of mind and truly focus on revenue-generating initiatives.

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Save Time and Monday with People Lease's Payroll Solution

Save Time and Money

A PEO saves the time and energy you currently dedicate to payroll, allowing you to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Less Risk, More Safety

Less Risk, More Safety

We take over the liability and burden of maintaining sensitive employee information, so you can enjoy improved confidentiality with fewer headaches.

Track Regulation Changes

Track Regulation Changes

People Lease handles the responsibility of keeping up with changing state and federal employment regulations, ensuring you're always compliant.  

Web-based Payroll Data Entry

Web-Based Data Entry

Web-based payroll data entry empowers you with real-time data through a secure web connection - no more paper forms and manual data entry.

Customized Payroll Reporting

Customized Reporting

Robust, customized reports including concise departmental job costing breakouts.

Hands Free, More Control

Hands Free, More Control

No more stress around meeting deadlines and ensure watertight accuracy. Sit back with complete control and let our payroll software do it for you. 

People Lease - PRO Software

Take a Glance at Our Single Sign-On Platform

Our new HRO software from PRO Software offers the best-in-class, single sign-on solution. With fully integrated Payroll, HR, Time & Attendance, Employee Benefits, and Compliance, it's time to say goodbye to the hassle of managing back-office tasks and focus on the profitable aspects of your business. 


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Get All The Payroll Services You Need

  • Complete Payroll Preparation
  • Web-Based Payroll Data Entry
  • Customized Payroll Reports
  • Federal & State Tax
  • Forms Management
  • Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Comp
  • I-9 Management
  • Quarterly & Annual Reporting
  • Garnishments & Tax Liens
  • Direct Deposit Processing
  • Benefit Policy
  • Insurance & Benefit Management
  • Vacation & Sick Time Accrual
  • Document Retention

The Payroll Service 'Net Effect'


With web-based payroll data entry, you’re empowered to provide data remotely for each pay period in real time via a secure web connection. No more completing the proper forms, waiting for our staff to pick them up and manually re-enter your payroll data. Instead, you submit the data electronically and it’s posted to our system exactly as you entered it in a fraction of the time.

People Lease has helped countless business owners and managers with the never-ending back-office resources and compliance issues associated with payroll. Consider the qualities that have established People Lease as a leading payroll provider in Mississippi and throughout America – and call us today at 1-800-723-3025.

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