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EyeMed Group Vision Insurance Resources

Estimated monthly rates:

  • Employee Only: $8.10
  • Employee + Spouse: $13.82
  • Employee + Child: $14.54
  • Employee + Family: $21.37
Eligibility: Primary enrollee, spouse, and eligible dependent children.

Summary of Vision Benefits

Vision Care Services In Network
Exam (w/ dilation as necessary) $10 copay
Frames $0 Copay, $130 Allowance,
20% off balance over $130
Plastic Lenses  

Single Vision Plastic Lenses

$25 Copay

Bifocal Plastic Lenses

$25 Copay

Contact Lenses


Conventional Contact Lenses

$0 Copay, $130 allowance, 15% off balance over $130
Disposable Contact Lenses $0 Copay, $130 allowance, plus balance over $130
Medically Necessary Contact Lenses $0 Copay, Paid-in-Full
Laser Vision Correction  
LASIK or PRK (From US Laser Network) 15% off Retail Price or 5% off promotional price
Examination Once every 12 months
Lenses (In lieu of contact lenses.) Once every 12 months
Contacts (In lieu of lenses.) Once every 12 months
Frame Once every 12 months
Additional Discounts  
Complete pair of prescription eyeglasses. 40% OFF
Non-prescription sunglasses. 20% OFF
Remaining balance beyond plan coverage. 20% OFF

EyeMed Group Vision Insurance
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