Paycheck Protection Plan and Maximizing Loan Forgiveness

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Intro (0:00 – 1:20) - Pat Cleary, President and CEO of NAPEO (National Association of Professional Employer Organization) shares ways to maximize your PEO’s expertise during this time.

Agenda (1:22) - Presented by Seth Perretta and Malcolm Slee of Groom Law Group

  • PPP Overview
  • PPP Forgiveness Process
  • PPPFA (Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act)
  • New forms and SBA/Treasury
  • “Don’t forgets” – Important tips and reminders

Overview of PPP (3:56) – Enacted as part of the CARES Act, PPP provides low-interest loans to certain qualifying small businesses for paying eligible payroll and non-payroll costs.

Loan Forgiveness (5:39) – This section discusses partial and entire loan forgiveness, where loan converts into a grant. It also covers the CARES Act requirements to maintain headcount and the penalties if employees are laid off or salaries/wages are cut.

New EZ Form (16:31) – Designed to reduce the burden and time spent completing loan forgiveness application. This section explains which borrowers are eligible to use the EZ form.

Don’t Forget (18:45) – These are helpful reminders borrowers should consider as they move forward with forgiveness loan applications.

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